Franklin Jones

Telehealth Nurse Educator

Lash Group

Remote: Ohio

"I work with purpose and always have a positive attitude when assisting patients with transitioning from hospital to home; when they start on their new medication; when monitoring and educating them on potential side effects; and when reminding them that their next dose is due. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we provide patients with quality care."
 Q. What are some things that you like about working at Lash Group? 
I love working at Lash Group because I’m given the tools and support to bring the best experience possible to my patients. In addition, the benefits, and growth opportunities are plentiful, and Lash Group always seeks ways to educate and inform its associates about their benefits and other opportunities available to them.  
Q. What keeps you at Lash Group? 
The wonderful culture, the ability to work remotely from home (but not feel isolated), and the great benefits that are ever increasing. 

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