Our Team

Kevin Luke
Team Coordinator
Lash Group
Monroeville, PA
"I work with purpose by having great passion for the business, and for the people we are helping. By developing our associates into great leaders for the future, and helping the business grow. By providing guidance to all associates to ensure that they are reporting benefits accurately. And by assisting our sales representatives so they can help get patients on therapy. Ultimately, I’m striving to make a difference every day for our patients, providers, clients, and associates."
Q. What is your typical day like in your role? 
As a Team Coordinator, my role is to manage the workflow of our Reimbursement Counselors, making sure we are meeting our daily goals (Program Metrics), coaching and providing resources to the Reimbursement Counselors to help them achieve success, audit phone calls and case work, and brainstorm process improvements to help the team be effective and efficient.
I did have an opportunity to rotate in my role by participating in Lash Group’s “PACE Program” (Professional Accelerated Career Entry) where I complete 3 rotations with 3 different programs in 1 year. These programs can be from any one of our offices at Lash Group, and I’ve worked on programs in Monroeville, Charlotte, and Rockville. The PACE Program gives associates an opportunity to work closely with Program Managers, Sr. Program Managers, and Directors, and to receive guidance and advice on leadership and management, in addition to insight and exposure on deliverables needed for the next step in management.
Q. What about Lash Group do you feel resonates with your own values and personality?
What resonates with me are Lash Group’s values; Accountability, Collaboration, Customer Focus, Innovation, Integrity, and Passion. I incorporate these values into my professional and personal life every day.

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