Our Team

Maleigh Hightshoe
Business Service Line Owner
Lash Group
Charlotte, NC
“As a Business Service Line Owner I support strategy by working with a team to design more efficient processes, services and tools to position technology solutions to unlock our future potential”
Q. What is your typical day like in your role? 
As a Business Service Line Owner, I’m responsible for connecting business processes with our technology solutions to ensure our applications are built in a way that provides a pleasant user experience along with efficiencies to assist in improving patient’s speed to therapy. Prior to being a Business Service Line Owner I was a Product Consultant in our Product Strategy group, which offered me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in regards to the services Lash Group as well as AmerisourceBergen provides. In that role I was the owner of many electronic services we offer to both internal and external users, as well as overseeing our CRM to ensure we were continuously maintaining and improving our system. Going further back I spent 5 years in operations starting as a Patient Case Coordinator until I ended my operations stint as a Team Coordinator. During that time I traveled through multiple teams and four different roles including the two mentioned. 

Q. What are some things that you like about working at Lash Group?
I’m fortunate enough to feel great pride in the work I do with Lash Group because I can truly see the difference it can make in other’s lives. I’m humbled by the team I get to work with on a daily basis. Our jobs require us to be very collaborative. We challenge each other in every decision we make, and everyone welcomes the feedback with open arms. The opportunity to work with such intelligent individuals has inspired me to strive to learn more and never be fearful of making a mistake just own it and learn from it.

Q. What about Lash Group do you feel resonates with your own values and personality?
Put others before your self – for Lash Group, patients are first even when we are building a piece of technology. We are thinking of how this will make an associate more efficient, how it will allow the patient to have a more pleasant user experience, and ultimately how the patient will receive the assistance they need in the fastest possible time.

Q. What keeps you at Lash Group? 
My team and leadership! On my current team, no one asks you to work harder than they are working. Everyone is truly in it together and shares the passion to deliver the best products we possibly can. While we may have pride in the work we are doing, we also let loose and share lots of laughter and jokes!

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