Megan Gonzales

Business Service Line Owner

Lash Group

Frisco, TX

“I work with purpose by looking for innovative ways to bring necessary services to our clients and our patients through technology advances.”
Q. What are some things that you like about working at Lash Group?
I’m surrounded by smart, dedicated, hard-working teammates that push me to be and do my best. Our team makes it a point to get together once a month for a team lunch, bonding outing, a group volunteer event, etc. Being able to connect with people on a personal level makes our team function even better together. In my six years at Lash Group I’ve had the privilege to hold 3 different roles that all had different responsibilities and daily functions, allowing me to learn new aspects of our business. The ability to move within the company enables me to continuously find new ways to challenge myself, and grow as an individual.

Q. What about Lash Group do you feel resonates with your own values and personality?
The work we do at Lash Group makes me feel like I am making a difference for people who are often times at the most vulnerable point in their life. Knowing that the work I’m doing ultimately is for the benefit of someone who is sick and struggling to manage their illness resonates with me. In addition, I have found Lash Group to be a place that promotes a positive work life balance, with flexibility in my schedule, and the ability to work remote on occasion, which is important for me as a mom to four children.

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