Shemeka Johnson

Director, Operations

Lash Group

Fort Mill, SC

“I work with purpose every day through positive interactions with my team, clients, and internal customers. When working around people who share the same commitment (in our case, to the patient), much can be accomplished. While we always have long-term goals in mind, every day our short-term goals should start with the critical support we provide to a patient or their family that helps improve their quality of life.”
Q. What is your typical day like in your role? 
I started my journey at Lash Group over 12 years ago in a Reimbursement Counselor role. I worked as a Reimbursement Counselor for a few years and for several different teams. I’ve spent much of my time at Lash Group managing programs that support oncology and hematology brand products, and have held progressively responsible roles. Now, as a Director of Operations, I have responsibility for helping our client to design, develop, and operationalize two patient support programs for the programs they are bringing to the market. In my role, I work along side of my client contacts and a host of departments within our own organization, such as Clinical/Adherence Support Services, Client Analytics, Business Portfolio Owners, Strategic Account Management, Enterprise IT, and TheraCom Pharmacy to develop the appropriate patient support program to support the patient’s journey to access.

Q. What keeps you at Lash Group? 
Put simply, I just love it. I love that we are innovative and strive to do our best each day because we know our patients and providers depend on us. I love working with purpose every single day.  

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