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Webinar | Navigating COVID-19: Simplifying the path to better patient outcomes

By Corey Ford, MHA

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to leave its mark on American life. As the larger healthcare system looks for ways to alleviate challenges brought on by the coronavirus, patient support providers are shifting how they work with manufacturers to increase impact and provide ongoing support for patients.

In this panel discussion from Lash Group and Xcenda experts, learn more on:

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic will impact insurance coverage
  • New policies that affect a patient’s ability to access and afford medications 
  • How manufacturers can create meaningful impact for patients by thinking outside the box on program design

*Please note: The original live recording was taped as part of Informa’s 2020 Patient Assistance and Access Programs Conference. 

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About The Author

Corey Ford, MHA
Vice President of Reimbursement and Policy Insights
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