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February 24, 2020

Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference

Leaders from Lash Group will be attending the annual Hub and SPP Model Optimization conference in Philadelphia, PA. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Speaker Highlights


Wednesday, February 26 | 8:10 AM EST

Leveraging AI within eBV to optimize speed to therapy 


Will standard eBV be the right solution in the future? Electronic benefit verification technology has changed. While logic-based approaches still have their place, AI has opened up a path to improved access for patients, streamlined information for providers, and benefits for all stakeholders.
Manufacturers who work with patient service providers that blend seasoned and compassionate human expertise with a menu of technology-based resources will have the best chance of optimizing speed to therapy in the increasingly complex and collaborative pharma ecosystem. This session helps manufacturers explore the best combination of technology and human interaction for their therapy's unique access challenges.


Advancing Access Through Innovation



The Promise and the Reality of Artificial Intelligence in Electronic Benefit Verification

Lash Group
February 2018


Understanding and Addressing Critical Barriers

July 2018

Patients face a growing number of barriers that can impede medication access and adherence. How can manufacturers help address these hurdles?

doctor pharmacy electronic benefit verification eBV


Speeding access to therapy with pharmacy eBV

Lash Group
November 2020

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